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10/18/13 07:09 PM
Mobile Hot Spot Selection


I'm new to this forum and this is my first post.

I'm looking for a mobile hotspot taht must meet certain criteria and need advise on a model to select that fits that criteria.. So here goes:

- Use SIM and be UNLOCKED
- Preferably have LTE + UMTS service for North America 1900 (ATT)
- Have the ability to use South East Asia UMTS and LTE services, in particular Malaysia. So basically support 2100 UMTS bands and I'm not sure what the LTE bands in Malaysia are
- Have a power supply for 120-240v

The bottom line is I'd like to get a pre-paid data SIM while here in California so the kids etc can use wifi tablets etc. But when we go to South East Asia to visit family in Malaysia we can bring it with us and but a data SIM from the phone shop and be up and running and connect the wifi devises

Any advise on manufacturer and model that would suite the purpose would be appreciated

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10/20/13 11:46 PM
Re: Mobile Hot Spot Selection

Hi All,

I'd really appreciate some advise on this. As 37 folks have viewed it and zero replies I'm wondering if my question is worded wrongly?

Can I add or clarify anything?


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