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02/06/04 03:06 AM
Slow wi-fi connection between AximX3 & laptop?

PLEASE help me someone...

All my connections seem to work fine between my Axim X3i, Dell laptop & linksys adsl/gateway/router. What's really anoying is the fact that I cant get the speed up when transfering files between my laptop and my Axim X3i. It's quicker to transfer files trough the cradle than trough the wi-fi and that shouldnt be the case. Another proof of slow connection is that I can't stream movie content from my laptop to my PDA. It's working, but it's studdering and very anoying.

Ex. One movie plays with a bitrate of 1411 Kb/s and it does not play well. It shouldnt be a problem since it is only about 1/10 of what a 802.11b card should be able to handle.

The tx rate on the router is set on "Auto" (I tried different settings, doesnt work)
I've tried different channels (doesnt work)

Pleas someone... help me with this problem.

(PDA Addict)
02/10/04 01:06 AM
Re: Slow wi-fi connection between AximX3 & laptop?

Do you have firewall softare running on your PC that might be slowing down the transfer?

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02/16/04 01:17 AM
Re: Slow wi-fi connection between AximX3 & laptop?

No firewall is installed on the PC since my router takes care of that problem.

I also recently tried an ad-hoc connection between my laptop and my Axim x3i. Same thing occured with a slow connection. It's faster than IR but still waaaay too slow for 11Mbit.

Any other suggestions?

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