07/07/04 06:12 AM
Samsung I330 - Will It Work Outside U.S.?

I love the features of the I330 but from what I can see, it is only avaiable in the U.S. via the PCS network. I live in Hong Kong so I have three questions:

1. Will the I330 work in Hong Kong and elsewhere around the world?
2. If so, where can I purchase a unit locally that will work with a SIM card?
3. When I move back to the U.S. would I have to sign-up with PCS?

Thanks for your help!

(Head Honcho)
07/11/04 09:59 PM
Re: Samsung I330 - Will It Work Outside U.S.?

CDMA phones for Sprint and Verizon don't use SIMs. Only GSM phones use SIMs. CDMA phones generally aren't considered world phones for this reason.

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