(junior member)
10/02/04 07:10 PM
Palm Universal Connector on Kyocera?

I'm considering jumping to a Palm OS phone. Do the phones, specifically Kyocera, have Palm Universal Adaptors so that I can use my folding keyboard with the device? If not, anyone know of an Universal to Kyocera adaptor? I'm looking at the Kyo 7135, but may wait for the 5000.

(Head Honcho)
10/05/04 07:23 PM
Re: Palm Universal Connector on Kyocera?

It doesn't use Palm's universal connection (only Palm and PalmOne brand devices had that). I don't know of any adapter either, though there is a ThinkOutside Stowaway keyboard for the 7135 you could get. Their IR folding keyboard would also work.

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