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12/08/04 07:50 PM
i mate pda 2k!!!better than the ipaq 6315??!!!

i was almost sure i'm getting an ipaq 6315, when i cam acroos the i mate pda 2k.....its got all the features that the 6315 has. in addition, its got a 400mhz processor,128 mb ram, and a sliding keyboard...there isnt a review about it on this website...why not?i got the specs below from the imatephonestore website:(does this thing lack anything thaats on the ipaq 6315,except batt power?)
"The most advanced PDA-Phone on the market today, the new i-mate? PDA2K gives you all the tools you need to get on with business no matter where you are?And have a little fun on the way. Pocket PC 2003, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 128 MB RAM, 400 Mhz processor. Email, Internet, PDA, Phone.
We upgrade all our phones to the latest I-Mate ROM: 1.2.22 -- Exclusively at the Imate Phone Store!
talk time: 3.5 hours
stand by: 90 hours
dimensions: W:2.40 x H:5.10 x T: 0.71
display: 64K Color
bands: Quad-band: 850/900/1800/1900
camera: VGA
video: No
speaker: Yes
gsm unlock: Yes
bluetooth: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
gprs: Yes
voice dial: No

Battery, AC Adapter, Extra Stylus, Leather Case, Stereo Headset w/ mic, USB Sync Cradle with second battery slot

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12/08/04 07:56 PM
Re: i mate pda 2k!!!better than the ipaq 6315??!!!

so should i go for an imate pda2k instead of the ipaq6315?...if the specs r true, then its undoubtedly the best pda/phone there is out there, right?

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12/10/04 08:36 PM
Re: i mate pda 2k!!!better than the ipaq 6315??!!!

We just posted a review of the Audiovox PPC-6601 which is the US CDMA network version of the PDA2K. It lacks a camera and WiFi, but is otherwise the same. It is indeed a very nice unit! The only area it can't come close to competing with the iPAQ is battery life and the iPAQ 6315 runs about 2x longer per charge.

We don't have a review of the PDA2K (aka XDA III) yet because it's not offered in the US. We will likely review it in January since we'll be getting one from Dynamism. But in the meantime, let the Audiovox review whet your appetite .

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12/21/04 08:21 AM
Re: i mate pda 2k!!!better than the ipaq 6315??!!!

well i'm also still trying to decide....wont be in a hurry to spend all tht money on something thtt isnt the best of the best.....u know we're talking about the ipaq 6315 vs xda 3......like i say above that phone(xda3) is probably the best combo device there is now out there...however i thnk i will get the 6315 coz the xda 3 is significantly more expensive, and maybe sell the ipaq after 6 mths on ebay and then get the xda 3....the only thngs r tht i'll have a slow processor and less memory...however i intend to get a 1 gb sd card on ebay for 70$ and have at least 7 movies in there!!!( software to use= dvd to ppc..this software rocks!!)

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