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12/08/04 08:38 PM
the ultimate pocketpc phone edition?!!

i've got a link to the imate pda 2k's specifications:wifi,quadband unlocked gsm,gprs,bluetooth,vga cam with camcorder capabilities(can shoot videos,unlike the ipaq 6315!),400mhz,128 mb ram,64mb rom,backlit slide in keyboard,and a little neat touch where u have a mirror next to the camera at the back which helps in taking self portraits. so is there any other ppc phone edition that beats this device?

yeah and check out the detailed specs from this link!! imate pda 2k

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01/07/05 01:42 AM
Re: the ultimate pocketpc phone edition?!!

Yes they are cool but were do you buy them for a reasonable price? The best I have seen is $900.

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05/17/05 08:01 PM
Re: the ultimate pocketpc phone edition?!!

Like the man said, "is there any other ppc device that beats this"? I don't think so.

Mad Monkey Boy over on Howard Forums sells them for just over $800 US and they are worth every penny (at least if you are a business user and use it to the full capabilities).

If you do not need a device for business use then just about any cell phone today will suffice for personal use, and for a lot less $.

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07/22/05 07:50 PM
Re: the ultimate pocketpc phone edition?!!

There are also the US versions of that phone which are lots cheaper. The Siemens SX66 from Cingular, the Audiovox PPC-6601 from Sprint and the XV6600 from Verizon. We have reviews of the Siemens and Sprint Audiovox versions on our site.

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