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12/20/04 04:55 AM
Totally confused!?? SX 66=I-mate PDA 2K=Qtek9090????Your help is needed here!!

First of all... newbie here. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

I am looking at the iPaq h6315 and a friend asked me to look at Siemens SX66 THEN I found out the SX66 is the same as the models below??? really??

I-mate PDA 2K (T-Mobile)
Xda 3
Qtek 9090
Siemens SX 66 (ATTWS & Cingular)

so if these are all same model and just diff name badges ... what the true differences?? if any? many diff model for diff part of the world?? so who REALLY makes this model???

Thanks for your help in advance!!


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