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01/25/05 02:31 PM
T-mobile unlock contact details

Hello all,
I tried to connect T-mobile to unlock my 6315 from their web site but there is no answer from them.
Can someone know hot to make contact directly with the one that can send me the unlock code?
(I'm a register user of T-mobile but I'm out of the states in the near future)

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02/04/05 04:56 AM
Re: T-mobile unlock contact details

Hello all. I can unlock your HP 6315 so you can use it on any carrier. I have great feedback under my ebay name of tmobile-wholesaler so you can see I am legit. My website which I am building will shortely have a feedback forum for everyone see also. You can currently order an unlock code off my website at or you can email me if you have any questions. I can also provide you with a ton of refrences if requested. Thanks!!

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02/05/05 04:00 PM
I have questions on HP IPAQ 6315

Hello Justin:

I am planning to buy an IPAQ 6315 either from, or any other store online. But i am planning to not buy it with a phone service provider nor activaded with any company. So this product is going to cost me about $590 i think. The reason is because i am going back to my country in 3 months, and i do not need a cell phone service provider in the US.
Will the phone work in my country (Mexico) just by putting a SIM from Mexico in the phone?
Do i need to unlock the code of the phone, even if i am not with any phone service company?
What is actually to UNLOCK THE CODE of the phone?

Hope you can answer my questions. Alfredo

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08/04/05 01:52 AM
Re: I have an HP IPAQ 6315

i have a brand new HP iPAQ 6315 for sale. i am asking 500.00US will included 2 dvd of pocket pc software for free. please contact at

i can also unlock your iPAQ as well. ebay name "blahthegreat" over 200+ feedback.

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