03/06/05 11:47 PM
i-mate ( aka O2 XDA ) - Java apps & OS update

Hi everyone !

I have two things to ask , I hope you guys would be able to answer ,,,

1 - Is it possible to use Java application on i-mate PDA phone ?

2 - I have come across a discussion group over the internet where the users are sharing the WM2003 Second Edition update for O2 XDA, is it possible to use such update for i-mate ? all I need the update is for the landscape view. Otherwise, things r running smooth on my device.

Thanks in advance.


(Head Honcho)
03/18/05 05:39 AM
Re: i-mate ( aka O2 XDA ) - Java apps & OS update

You can purchase a Java VM for Pocket PCs.

While not for the faint of heart, you can run ROM updaters for other brands of the XDA and overwrite the ROM on your device. Your device would look and act like the other brands (it would have their value added software, startup splash screen and customizations). Again, not something everybody would want to do. For more info visit www.xda-developers.com forums.

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