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01/14/06 09:50 PM
Alltel version PPC6700 - no power off.

After I began using Alltel's UTStarcom PPC6700, I found the power button only put the unit in the "stand-by" mode which would recieve calls. At the store, we tested two more that did the same thing and all the sales people were surprized. We call Alltel tech and they said this was the way the phone/PPC was designed and you could only change to a true off mode by removing the battery. So someone designed a phone that could only be taken on a plane, in a movie or in a meeting by taking out the battery?!! And Alltel sells such a thing?. Does anyone know if the Sprint or Verizon models are the same?

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02/13/06 06:12 PM
Re: Alltel version PPC6700 - no power off.

My wife has this phone and loves it. I do know for a fact that you can put the phone on airplane mode. You just hit one of the icons across the top of the screen. I'm not sure which since it is my wife's, but I have done it myself before.

Alltel really needs to do a better job training their reps. It's frustrating to always seem to know more than the "expert". The really sad part is that I don't know didly or I wouldn't be asking in the first place! (getting down off my soapbox after shooting that rabbit)

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02/14/06 03:46 AM
Re: Alltel version PPC6700 - no power off.

Just click on the signal strength icon on top, and there's a flight-mode you can click on (its underlined).

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