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240x240 Software Compatibility List

The 240X240 Dilema.

Many Pocket PC phones nowadays have 240x240 resolution because Windows Mobile 5.0
doesn't support 320x320 resolution and the next square screen resolution supported is 480x480.
However when it comes to prices of touch screens, the screens with 480x480 are too expensive,
so Pocket PC phone manufacturers, who wanted to use square resolution in order to accommodate
a QWERTY keyboard, were forced into 240x240.

Examples of devices sporting the square screens are the HP iPaq HW6515, HW6715, Palm Treo 700w,
and Fujitsu Siemens Pocket LOOX T830 Pocket PC phones. Look for some others later in the year.

When regular Pocket PC applications and games are run, the square screens cut off the information
below the 240 pixel mark. Sometimes, they do scroll but often that's not the case which means
that about 25 percent of the display is missing.

The only real solution to this problem is to have software that is designed to accomodate the
240x240 resolution.

Developers have begun to rework existing games and applications to work on square screen devices
but a convenient list of what's currently available is a little difficult to come by. So, I
decided to start a thread here to hopefully help a few folks out that will be buying these units
this year.

How reliable is the list? ALL the programs listed by myself have been confirmed by the developers themselves so they should work fine. If, not contact the developer on their product page.

Others who add to the list may have tested them on their own devices or not. Hard to control that, so use your own judgement when trying them out.

The Treo 700w in particular promises to bring many new Pocket PC users into the fold. This list
will hopefully guide many of them to what's available.

This list is by no means comprehensive, so if you know of any programs that are confirmed to
work on 240x240 devices, feel free to include them in this thread.

Please follow the basic format that I've started but feel free to add your comments, if any, so
that people will get a good idea of what the software is about. You don't need to shorten
the URL's like I did.


1) In order to make this post more readable,URL's have been shortened using the
Metamark URL shortner at:

2) Descriptions and URL's are courtesy of, a site I visit often.

3) Inclusion in this list is not an endorsment of the product by the author.

General Applications WM5 240x240 Ready

The simplest and fastest way to create memos and reminders on your Pocket PC

Calligrapher v8.2
Four input methods in one: Write Pad and Write Anywhere handwriting recognition input panels,
on-screen keyboard with auto-complete, and PenCommander.

Battery Pack Pro v2.1.3
View battery life, storage cards, launch apps, keep your system optimized & adjust
brightness on your today page.

Egress (RSS Feeds) v2.4.2
Egress is an advanced yet easy to use application which displays your favorite RSS/ATOM
feeds directly on your PocketPC. Now supports Podcasting!

FlexWallet enables you to securely store and carry any type of information on your
PocketPC, including bank accounts, credit cards, calling cards, passwords, PINs,
documents, ideas

A powerful tab based today screen plugin that allows you to create shortcuts to
your favorite Pocket PC programs on your Today screen, battery and memory meters
and much more.

IM+ for PocketPC
With IM+, the most popular instant-messaging systems MSN, AOL, ICQ,Yahoo!,
Jabber and Google Talk are available on your Pocket PC.

Info2Go is an extremely powerful, location based active information system
for people on the go. Save time, money and frustration wile you travel by
having a single point of info.

Laridian Bible
Powerful, award-winning Bible software with the complete text of the
popular New International Version (NIV) Bible.

Leonard Maltin?s Movie Guide 2006
Instantly transform your handheld into the most up-to-date, comprehensive
and reliable movie guide around

Marsware Weather Panel
Display the current weather and forecast on your Today Screen.

Mobipocket Reader (Free)
eReader for Pocket PC and Windows Mobile Edition software allows
you to read your eBooks whenever you want and wherever you go.

MyPersonalDiet v1.14
Manage your weight, fitness and health by defining, tracking and
monitoring your own diet and nutrients that matter to you.

Get the latest headlines, weather, sports, business, and entertainment
news wirelessly on your Pocket PC.

Novii Remote Deluxe v3.3
Operate your home theater, TV set, Cable/Sat box, DVD/CD, Audio, VCR, etc.

PdaNet turns your Windows Mobile Smartphone or PocketPC Phone into a
high speed Wireless Modem for your Laptop or PC.

PhatNotes v4.6
PhatNotes is an award-winning notes organizer for Microsoft Windows
Powered Pocket PCs, Desktop PCs and Palm OS powered mobile devices.

PhatPad v3.0
Highest Rated Note-Taking Application for Windows Mobile Software
Includes Customizable Toolbar, Photo Backgrounds and More

Pocket Informant
Pocket Informant is a PIM replacement for the PocketPC platform.

A Today plug-in that replaces your built-in Calendar and Tasks on your
Today screen, offering a much more powerful solution.

Pocket Quicken
Pocket Quicken places your financial activity at your fingertips making
it easy to keep your Quicken information complete, accurate and up-to-date
wherever you go.

Pocket Weather
Get weather forecast to your Pocket PC. Including both a Today screen
plugin and the new WeatherConsole application!

Pocket Stocks Live
Track stocks or mutual funds traded on NASDAQ, NYSE, Amex etc. Enjoy latest
news headlines and market commentary in radio and TV!

Remote Display Control for Pocket PC (Free)

RepliGo allows you to transfer, view, and print any PC-based document
on your Pocket PC.

Resco File Explorer
This advanced File Explorer can compress files with build-in ZIP,
encrypt files, view registry, view text and image files...

SmallMenu (Free)
SmallMenu is an integrated tool which combines cascading program
menus, a task manager and a battery monitor.

Spb Diary
Today plug-in for Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Notes and Messages.
Powerful replacement for the standard Today plug-ins for appointments and tasks.
Most of actions performed on the Today screen

Spb GPRS Monitor
A unique utility for measuring your GPRS connection and calculating
its traffic and costs.

Spb Pocket Plus
Task manager. Powerful Today plug-in with tabs. Close button that
really closes, etc.

Spb Weather
Spb Weather is a powerful weather Today plug-in. You can customize
weather views, skins and weather sources. You can save your Today
screen space running Spb Weather as a tab of Spb Pocket Plus 2.5+

SOTI Pocket Controller
Operate your Pocket PC or Smartphone from your desktop computer,
video recording,capture/print screens,skins,DOS,battery/memory usage

Sprite BackUp
Sprite Backup 5.0 for Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC. The ulitmate
backup solution from the award winning Sprite Software Ltd

Space Reclaimer v2.5.4
The only Microsoft Certified Pocket PC cleaner. Safe and robust.

SplashID v3.32
Secure personal identification organizer for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Sunnysoft Backup Manager v3.7
A highly sophisticated backup application for Pocket PC.

WebIS Mail2
Email application with superior interface and options including
GMail, SSL, POP3, IMAP support.

Games 240x240 WM5 Ready
Atomic Battle Dragons
Joust to save the kingdom in an epic battle riding dragons and slaying beasts.

Atomic Cannon v2.5
Ultimate artillery duel with 85 weapons of mass destruction.

The official version of the classic Battleship naval combat game.

Incredibly popular and addictive online game by PopCap

Bejeweled 2
The legend has returned...and is more wildly addictive than ever before

Checkers Pro
Revisit this classic and learn Flying Kings.

Chess Pro
Improve your skills using unlimited hint, undo and replay.

Chroma Games
A great triple pack of classic board games

Chuzzles are googly-eyed little balls of fur that giggle,
squeak, and sneeze as you push them across the board.

Crazy Daisy
Spin the flowers to match the colored petals and watch them pop!

Cribbage Pro
Race to the finish with this classic.

Concrete Software?s Aces Texas Hold ?Em v1.3.1.1
Play the original, award winning Texas Holdem poker game.

Cubis (Free on Treo 700w CD)
Cubis - the next generation puzzle game

Euchre Pro
Master your game using detailed history and statistics.

Five Hundred Pro
Improve your skills using unlimited hint, undo and replay.

Gin Pro
Discard and Knock your way to win.

Hearts Pro
Embrace the Queen and shoot the moon.

Jackpot Casino
3D casino with blackjack, roulette and two slot machines.

Powerful jigsaw puzzle for 240x240 Windows Mobile devices.

Beautiful space breakout for 240x240 Windows Mobile devices.
A must for Arkanoid fans.

Motocross 3-D Mini Sports Bike
Full screen motocycle racing!Support Windows Mobile 5.0
and Square Screen.

My Little Tank
Hours of fun and Minature Tank Mayhem.

Spades Pro
Improve your skills using unlimited hint, undo and replay

A version of the puzzle craze that's become a worldwide phenomenon.

Super Slyder
Guide your spherical hero through a wealth of brain-teasing mazes
filled with obstacles, friends and foes

Super Wild Wild Words
Ready to rustle up some words?

Text Twist
Text Twist! is a great word game created by GameHouse

Tire Tossin
Fun game set in the backwoods

Control the stone frog idol of the ancient Zuma in this action puzzler

Additionally, I have created a website in association with that lists dozens of applications compatible with the Treo 700 and 240x240 displays. Includes links and is updated regularly.


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03/07/06 05:22 PM
Re: 240x240 Software Compatibility List

X-Play Studio
Now you can play MP3 and DivX files directly from
your desktop PC and watch them wirelessly on your
Pocket PC. Even TV with a tuner card.

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03/08/06 12:34 PM
240x240 Software Compatibility List

Myst PPC
The classic Myst for the Pocket PC with the original
rich graphics, sounds and music.

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03/09/06 01:13 PM
240x240 Software Compatibility List

Ultimate Calculator combines all of the features of
other calculators in one.

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03/10/06 02:53 PM
240x240 Software Compatibility List

Tube 2 Engine (Free)
Animated subway & metro maps with quickest route finder.
Click Here for List of Available Cities:
(Scroll down the page)
** Maps are sold seperately

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03/11/06 12:32 PM
240x240 Software Compatibility List

WorldMate 2006 Professional 4.1
WorldMate provides you with essential information for your
business travel - from world clocks and weather forecasts
to comprehensive flight and travel information.

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03/25/06 03:39 PM
240x240 Software Compatibility List

RMRDiet (WM) - Diet/Weight/Exercise 2.1
RMRDiet allows you to monitor your food intake, weight
and exercise programme as part of a combined weight
loss program.

3D Mini-Jetfight (Air Combat) 1.2f
Modern air combat with famous jet fighters.

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03/27/06 12:08 PM
240x240 Software Compatibility List

Spb AirIslands - NEW Update! 1.1
Be owner of a small island. Build it up enjoying
excellent graphics (qVGA Portrait, qVGA Square
and VGA supported), nice sounds and original game concept.
Enjoy 3 mini-games included!

Pocket Stock Monitor 5.01
Get stock quotes and monitor the stock markets
on your Pocket PC - at work, on the road or at home!
A must have for every Pocket PC user that invests!

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03/28/06 11:33 AM
240x240 Software Compatibility List

HanDBase Enterprise Database Mgr - PPC 3.5
Boost Your Productivity. Mobilize your important data
with HanDBase!

MySportTraining Food 1.24 Plug-In
The perfect extension to MySportTraining to
track your food and maintain a balanced diet.
(Requires MySportTraining 3.95)

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03/29/06 12:19 PM
240x240 Software Compatibility List

PocketStreamer DELUXE:Entertainment 360 1.2
Energize your Pocket PC with LIVE streaming TV,
radio, music, news, short movies and weather.
Have a live entertainment center in your hands!
(This special version fits 240x240 screen)

Lejjo 2.15
Get lejjo to the finish line using gravity
and your wits. Unique graphics and gameplay.

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03/30/06 12:39 PM
240x240 Software Compatibility List

IP Dashboard Network Monitor 1.9
Manage your wireless network connection from your
Today Screen. Includes IP info, DHCP, Ping, graphs,
meters, network profiles, and more!

Pocket War 1.71
Pocket War is a strategic turn-based war game much
like the old Empire games. It was built from the
ground up to work well on any sized device.

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03/31/06 12:40 PM
240x240 Software Compatibility List

SwellDisk For WM5 1.8.5
Enlarge memory cards 300 percent

3D Owen's Monster Truck 1.1f
Plow down rivals and tear through obstacles
with your roaring monster truck. A fantastic
racing game with splendid graphics and loads
of high speed fun!

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04/01/06 01:53 PM
240x240 Software Compatibility List

MyRunningLog 2.12
Track your running (or aerobic) workouts and
improve your fitness.

3D Speed City 1.1f
Play the 3D street racing game. Feel the pulse of
Speed City

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04/03/06 12:09 AM
240x240 Software Compatibility List

HandyLauncher 3.4
This software gives you fast and easy access to your
most used programs, documents, images, files,
... anything.

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04/03/06 11:45 AM
240x240 Software Compatibility List

VITO ButtonMapper 3.9
Assign 2 actions to each button, enable application
specific bindings and stylus tap emulation and more!

3D Mini-Aquabike (Watercraft Racing) 1.1f
Cool Splashes, Hot Pursuit!

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04/05/06 12:52 AM
240x240 Software Compatibility List

scanR Whiteboards for Treo 700w
scanR Whiteboards for Treo 700w turns your Treo into
a mobile whiteboard scanner.

PFlashP - Pocket Flash Player 2.0.0
PFlashP - Pocket Flash Player is a tool that
will help you to play macromedia files (.swf)
on your Pocket PC.

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04/05/06 01:21 PM
240x240 Software Compatibility List

VoiceDial 2.1 for the Treo 700w English
VoiceDial 2.1 enables you to place calls by name/number.
Speak the name or number - VoiceDial 2.1 does the rest
Winner - 2003 MS Mobile Solutions Challenge.

NewPod-SQ Windows Media Player Skin 1.0
NewPod-SQ is an iPod look-alike skin designed
for square screen (480x480 or 240x240) devices
powered by Microsoft Windows Mo

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04/05/06 02:36 PM
240x240 Software Compatibility List

This is a very long list that is being updated daily. In order to keep it growing and not overshadow other topics on this board, some changes have been made.

Starting tomorrow, all future updates to the software list will be posted regularly to the Treo 700 software blog located at:

Don't let the name fool you, all the software is compatible with any 240x240 screen pocket pc.

The flexibility of the blog format will provide you with more useful information such as screenshots, reviews and product comparisons not possible using these message boards.
It will also conserve bandwidth on this board for other topics.

The information will be better organized too, allowing you to find software faster and easier.

My goal is to make the blog the best spot for us "Squares" to get reliable information on compatible applications and games on the Internet.


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