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03/25/06 01:55 AM
verizon xv6700 synching problems

I just used Wireless Synch to upload email from my home account, but it wiped out the business email which was already in the Outlook e-mail Inbox. I had uploaded the business mail using Active Synch wirelessly. Basically, I was using Active Synch to pull web mail. (I don't have direct access to our server at the moment.)

The techs @ Verizon said that there's an incompatability between Wireless Synch and Active Synch and that if I want to be able to get email from two different accounts into my Inbox, I need to use Wireless Synch for both accounts. They said that I could do this by downloading a PC monitor? to my business desktop computer which would pull any updates from Outlook and then push mail/calendar/etc. into the Inbox. Using Wireless Synch to access both accounts will supposedly prevent one email account from deleting the other.

Other suggestions or work arounds?


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