(junior member)
09/06/06 01:27 PM
Can't get my Verizon XV6700 to Synch

I first synched the phone when I got it and now it doesnt seem to want to work. My laptop is reading a connection when I put the phone in the USB cradle...but active synch doesnt see it. Has anyone had this happen to them??

(Head Honcho)
09/11/06 02:09 PM
Re: Can't get my Verizon XV6700 to Synch

Yes, ActiveSync can be cranky. Have you downloaded and installed version 4.2 (the latest) from It does fix several syncing bugs. Also try soft reseting the 6700 to reboot it. Sometimes the problem is on the device's side and a soft reset fixes it.

(junior member)
09/20/06 09:10 AM
Re: Can't get my Verizon XV6700 to Synch

I agree with the other reply that Active Sync can be cranky, and also would recommend updating to 4.2. My phone is in and out of the USB cradle a dozen times a day, and half the time I get the "USB port not recognized. However when I absolutely positively have to get sync, I use the IR port on my 6700 to my laptop. It always works.

So far we haven't done Active Sync via Wireless so I can't address it.


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