(junior member)
07/22/07 12:06 AM
Problems unlocking cingular 8125

know there is already threads and websites about unlocking this pocket pc. Trust me, I have read almost everything and my cingular 8125 is still locked. Let me introduce the problem. First of all I run the EnableRapi program on my pocket pc. Everything seems to work well. After, I run Lokiwiz and at the end of the program it writes : ERROR : ITwritedisk and everything stops after that. My pocket pc reboots but it is still locked. I don't know from where the problem comes I use Microsoft ActiveSync. If anyone know how to solve my problem it would be more that appreciated.

(Head Honcho)
07/25/07 03:14 AM
Re: Problems unlocking cingular 8125

Have you tried hard reseting the 8125 first? A write error might mean there's a bad block in the 8125's flash memory that needs to be mapped out. Just a guess-- no promises unfortunately.

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