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03/13/08 11:09 AM
HTC Touch - I Hate it

I purchased an HTC Touch in december and strated facing problesm from the 8th day , went through 3 to 4 hardware resets i.e. lost my data and then eventually after a month or so sent to teh service centre , from where it was ent back without any repair or fixing of the problem . Inspite of contacting HTC India , HTC Hong Kong etc nothing has been done .

For me this was a very raw deal ..........

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03/13/08 10:30 PM
Re: HTC Touch - I Hate it

I'm sorry to hear about your difficulties.

What exactly is the problem you are having? Are you saying that it is hard-resetting spontaneously for no reason, or are you doing the hard resets on purpose to try to troubleshoot something else?

Are you using any sort of backup software?

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03/14/08 05:55 AM
Re: HTC Touch - I Hate it

I have problem witrh the device on the volume control getting stuck on the 8th day and thereafter continously my device was reset and i kept loosing my data every time the same was done , then after 3 weeks i was told to handover device and then after 1 week i was told there is water logging in my set . upon investigation it was found that the water entred the device post my handing over the device to dealer and now HTC is tight lipped and does not support that device for more than 8 weeks now . My issue is the way the device behaved from 2nd week , thereafter the way the dealer reset my device without solving the problm and moreover now still the problem is not sold and i am told this is not covered in warranty while I am sure that my device was faulty from 1st week onwards .

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