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08/22/08 11:45 PM
Samsung Omnia...

Great review! I've had my eye on this phone for a couple of months now, but do you know if it'll be released in the US with 3G? If not, what a horrible decision on Samsung's part.

The other thing that kind of bothered me about the phone is the screen resolution. I've read it's not that great. I don't need to watch movies or anything since I have an iPod Touch, but having a decent resolution for web browsing would be nice. What do you think of the screen compared to other WinMo phones?

My next phone is going to be either this or the Xperia. I love my hardware keyboards (coming from a long line of HTC phones!).

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08/23/08 03:19 AM
Re: Samsung Omnia...

So far there's no word that the Omnia will be released with US 3G. Sad, I agree.

I think the screen resolution is perfect, personally. VGA at 2.8" is the higher res option (Diamond, Touch Pro, E-TEN Glofiish X800), and that's really hard on the eyes for web browsing and it's harder to control the smaller UI elements with the finger. The widescreen display really reduces side scrolling, which is the most annoying part of mobile browsing.

And yes, there's no substitute for a hardware keyboard for heavy texters and email users, no matter what Steve Jobs says .

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08/23/08 06:11 PM
Re: Samsung Omnia...

Thanks for the reply!

It's good to know that the screen is great for web browsing. Did you use PIE to browse or install Opera Mini/9.5/Skyfire for testing?

It would definitely be nice to have an accelerometer to switch to wide screen viewing without having to slide out the keyboard (I'm looking at you, AT&T Tilt), but I think the Xperia will also be able to do this without sliding out the keyboard.

How was the tactile feedback when you used it? I read in another review that it worked pretty well most of the time, but there were times where it didn't register.

Any chance of you sending me that test unit so I can check it out? I'm willing to send you a deposit!

Pretty funny! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQlzX7EyIwU

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08/24/08 03:39 AM
Re: Samsung Omnia...

Our full review covers the browsers we used-- IE, Opera 9.5 (which comes pre-loaded on the device), Opera Mini and NetFront 3.5.

The haptic feedback depends on which firmware version you're running-- just to make it confusing. But the newest that should be online soon is pretty good.

That is a funny video-- if our units were like that, we'd do unboxing videos

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08/24/08 08:19 PM
Re: Samsung Omnia...

Thanks! I kinda breezed through the review

Here's hoping it comes to the US (AT&T please!) with 3G!

Thanks again!

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08/29/08 06:24 AM
Re: Samsung Omnia...

I got a question about the internet part of the phone.
I read this part in your article

"We tested the phone with AT&T and T-Mobile US SIM cards, and the phone worked fine with both. We have the Singapore model and it lacks data and MMS auto-configuration for carriers outside that region. So you'll have to enter your carrier's data and MMS settings manually. It does however detect and configure voicemail number and SMS settings. Once we entered in the correct data settings for each carrier, we were off surfing on EDGE, downloading email and watching some slow streaming media. EDGE speeds averaged 120kbps on T-Mobile and 190kbps on AT&T according to DSL Reports mobile speed test. Quite good for EDGE, that AT&T number."

I have the Omnia Singapore model and use the T-Mobile Carrier but I wanted to know what I needed to do to get the correct data settings so I can use the internet. Basically, I need the details PLEASE

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08/30/08 07:03 PM
Re: Samsung Omnia...

Allow me to post my take...

"Has it all"?
Probably haven't heard of VGA, WVGA, keyboard (ok for those who need it), DVB-T (great) etc.

I read above that VGA 2.8 is... "hard for the eyes?"... Erm... Why?
I see my Touch Pro here and the paper-like display that you can't see a pixel even if you look hard and cannot think in what way it is hard for the eyes. I'd say the exact opposite. Nobody forces you to make things smaller on the display (but in fact you CAN if you want), you just get the MUCH greater DPI which is A-L-W-A-Y-S good.

If someone has seen a GPS program, a video or even a picture on a VGA screen (3.5" or even 2.8") is hard to look away. All other talk is propaganda of those who haven't seen it (and comes to "why" when we talk about web sites).

"Wide" is an interesting concept, but I am willing to accept the risk of running on a much-less-than-standard resolution only if it worth it (read: WVGA), not when it is just a marketing trick (like DIVX certification, like it is a problem playing DIVX on other devices with the appropriate player hehehe).

The huge internal storage is also nice, but just that... "nice". When you have microSDHC (and thankfully they have one, unlike the stupid decision on Diamond) the internal storage is just a number on the specs. I would choose larger RAM any day (read: better multitasking, better buffering etc.).

The camera of course IS an innovation among WM, hopefully others will follow. On the other hand, mobile devices will always be behind nice little (and nowadays cheap) digital cameras so why the pointless race?

Stylus outside? Stuuuupid move.

Trackpad? Stuuuuuupid move.

iPhone like case? What were they thinking? Not for me. I don't want to be a wannabe (even if the wannabe has better specs than the original), I prefer originals. I wonder how will its users feel when everybody will ask "is that a new iPhone?"

I love the battery btw although for the size I would expect even more (my 5 years old LOOX720 has 1640mAh).

Interesting device, but for me, "that's all".

Thank you for reading.

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10/10/08 09:44 AM
Re: Samsung Omnia...

I am not aware about US but in UK it has been released with 3G technology.

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10/11/08 12:54 AM
Re: Samsung Omnia...

There is no US 3G version at this time.

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01/31/10 09:14 PM
Re: Samsung Omnia...

I got the Omnia II. The main decision based on Broadband Mobile as a USB modem on an Internet friendly phone with a big screen. I do research and having access to on-line articles and cases fills in otherwise unproductive time.

The battery life is very good over a long 14-hour workday browsing the Internet and using GPS.

Unfortunately, it is taking a long time figuring out how to clean up the working access screens. Opera looks nice, but call it a 'BING' phone . . . you have to use MS Bing to search or access. Is that a Profit Center for Microsoft?

Hey! How do you bookmark important webpages into Opera, and how do you get rid of all of those redundant MS bookmarks?????

Also, the landscape mode on this very generous and sharp screen has been purposely limited to make it almost a non-item. Shame, shame, shame.

Like many Samsungs, the plasticky feel is trademark, but the overall heft of the phone makes up for it. The back cover barely hangs on by the tiniest of tabs, but the silicon cover will make that weakness a moot point.

The placement and sensitivity of the phone buttons results in Hanging Up on incoming calls just by grabbing the ringing phone. I have to teach myself to only pick up the phone by the edges.

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