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12/18/08 02:03 PM
Why You Shouldn't Purchase an "HTC Touch" this christmas...

I would rate this phone a -10 out of 10 if I could I have had problems with this phone from the very beginning. Applications freeze on its windows mobile browser. The screen freezes in sleep mode and has to have the battery removed in order to fix the problem.. this problem can and has occured to me 3 times a day before.... Also It recieves phone calls 1 hour after the person on the other end had made them <<=== Weird eh? it's true... I go to answer and nobody is there because they called an hour before. I've gotten in trouble at work over this matter once before... nothing is more annoying than answering a phone to find out it rang too late.... this is probably my most common problem with the HTC Touch.... I hope that you find this helpful in looking for a christmas gift for someone though do not pick up a HTC Touch most sprint stores have taken them off their retail areas because of all the problems they have had... I was informed of this by a sprint CSR... So If you want a phone go for the IPHONE or Instinct instead.. its probably a better bet...

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12/18/08 06:09 PM
Re: Why You Shouldn't Purchase an "HTC Touch" this christmas...

Sorry to hear about your difficulties.

I haven't used the HTC Touch, but maybe our editors will have more to say about these issues when they get back from vacation.

12/22/08 10:10 AM
Re: Why You Shouldn't Purchase an "HTC Touch" this christmas...

I've also heard about performance and freeze problems. If it's excessive as you say it is, try replacing your unit and see if it was just a problem coming from that particular unit.

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