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01/04/11 03:12 PM
TP2 with sprints wifi

I am thinking about getting the Sprint TP2 with the primary purpose of making calls and texting. I will therefore just be signing up for Sprints messaging plan. The TP2 will of course accomplish these goals but of course it is also a smart phone. It will work on just the messaging plan and it is wifi capable so I can get online via wifi. I plan to turn off the over the air data connection to avoid large data charges. I believe this will all work fine. I have also been advised to connect via usb to my computer for downloading updates. Eventually I may got to the full messaging plan but for now I am looking to test it out to see if it is worth the extra money.

My questions are as follows.
I have read many very negative reviews of the TP2. Everything from hardware issues to flaky software issues. Have a lot of these issues been resolved with newer phone revs or are they still all valid?
What are the major benefits of the TP2 vs a smaller dedicated messaging phone like say the LG Rumor Touch? (ie spell check, office apps etc.)
I would like to sync with my laptops outlook but my pst file is huge will I have issues? What steps will I need to take to make this work?
Most of the time I am near a wifi hotspot I will also have my computer. Will I ever use the TP2 over wifi?
Other thoughts?

Thanks and I lookforward to the groups collective wisdom!

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01/04/11 07:58 PM
Re: TP2 with sprints wifi

Windows Mobile 6 and 6.5 weren't as stable as newer operating systems including iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. That hasn't changed much even with a particular phone's revisions. That doesn't mean it will crash every 10 minutes but you should reboot the phone every few days to keep it running smoothly.

The benefits are as you listed: you get MS Office apps, more robust email clients than can handle most any type of email account (feature phones are often limited when it comes to email support). You also get syncing while there's usually none, or very weak syncing with feature phones.

You can generally sync quite a lot of Outlook data-- say 2,000 contacts, scads of appointments and notes. If you have 10,000 contacts, the phone's contacts app will probably crawl.

Be warned that if you're buying the TouchPro2 with a contract, they usually require a data plan.

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01/04/11 08:52 PM
Re: TP2 with sprints wifi

Thanks Lisa!

I think I will cut up my pst file a bit to reduce its size. Specifically split off a few contact lists that can easily be grouped together in a separate pst folder. As is my pst folder is about 4 gigs - Yikes.

I am still a bit unsure if this is going to be worth the $200 for the phone but I will have a month to play with it and see. If not then I just have a $35 restocking fee. $200 does not seem like a lot but it is the same as the HTC Evo with sprint - of course that requires the full data plan plus $10/mo for the 4G. And as I am dealing with a family plan everything gets multiplied.

As for the contract, I have been told that it is possible to use the winmo TP2 with just a messaging plan with sprint. This should be interesting... we shall see.

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