04/16/04 08:56 PM
Toshiba e830- VGA, WiFi, & BT

This might be the next generation Toshiba PPC:


(PDA Addict)
04/22/04 12:24 AM
Re: Toshiba e830- VGA, WiFi, & BT

Thanks to that French retailer's gaff, as we know, Toshiba France has stated that the e805 is NOT discontinued. So I really wonder if Toshiba would market two very similar high end PPCs simultaneously, or if instead that retailer was making up stories to cover their you-know-what.

04/22/04 01:11 AM
Re: Toshiba e830- VGA, WiFi, & BT

That question is bouncing around all over the place now. But, it's interesting that the Toshiba rep said nothing about the e830 at all. No acknowledgement nor denial.

(Head Honcho)
04/23/04 06:51 PM
Re: Toshiba e830- VGA, WiFi, & BT

Isn't it amazing when one arm of a company is clueless as to what the other arm is doing. As per recent news, the Retail & Product Marketing Manager of Toshiba France stated that the e805 is not discontinued, and that it will ship with Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition in the future.


Called today...Toshiba hotline sales rep. confirmed that the e805 is DISCONTINUED! She could not comment on the existence of a newer model, the e830.

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