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09/14/04 07:07 PM
USB Device On the E800

We recently bought the e800 due to it having the USB host capability. We need to use it to connect to one of our our devices so that our saleman could use it to demostrate the device. We have already developed an usb driver that are successfully used in a commercial wince handheld.

Would the driver be plugged and played on the e800 after we recompiled the driver to the Pocket PC 2003 platform?

Could the USB cable that comes out of the cradle to plug directly to our device (provided the connectors are not an issue), or I need to purchase the special USB cable from Toshiba?

Thanks in advance.

(PDA Addict)
09/20/04 04:04 AM
Re: USB Device On the E800

I'm guessing that recompiling your driver might work, though you might have to tweak it or debug it. You will definitely need the Toshiba USB host cable. The cable that comes out of the cradle is for syncing only and not for host.

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