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09/15/04 10:27 PM
e330 and usb host?

Since the e330 does have a usb host port, will a compact flash or secure digital memory card reader be recognized by default like in Win XP? And if so can't we then get a compact flash wireless adapter with Pocket PC 2002 drivers and hook it up that way. I am just curious. because every usb enabled card reader I have is automaticly detected under Win XP which is the same age as Pocket PC 2002. And I see plenty of compact flash wireless adapters with support for pocket pc 2002, but the e330 obviuosly has no cf slot. But it seems to me if a cf reader will work thru the host usb slot on the e330 couldn't we then use the cf wireless cards. Please if I am not thinking this out correctly any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You in advance.

Paul Gault

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09/20/04 04:09 AM
Re: e330 and usb host?

The Pocket PC needs to support USB host to use USB mass storage peripherals such as card readers, and your Toshiba does have USB host. Toshiba makes a USB host cable for this and you will need that cable to use USB peripherals. You won't need a driver most likely since mass storage devices are usually supported by the Windows Mobile OS.

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