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02/10/06 04:17 PM
E750 + Rikaline receiver problems

Hi guys first post for me how are we all

Right I have been having some problems with a set up I am putting together it's a E750 plus Rikaline receiver.... the pda battery went dead before I bought it and it lost all the added info so I have replaced it and loaded TomTom5 and added this receiver but when I initilly plug it in it say usb driver not reconised and is asking me to key the name of it in by the looks of things.
I have no idea where I am as pda and sat nav is new to me... I did have a flash card receiver before but had the same problem and I was hoping this would solve it but unfortunatly not.
Have I lost a driver off the pda that I need to replace ?? or do I just need to key something in the box when it informs me that it needs the device drivers name and refer to the manufactureurs handbook... which I don't have.

I'm stuck with this and can't figure out what's needed here can someone please give me a little advice as I'm


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