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09/07/06 01:26 PM
e405 and Belkin wireless keyboard

Has anyone gotten this to work well? I made progress. I got the keyboard to type now after a lot of trial and error. But only some keys will type! For example, I did the sentence "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" as the standard test for all the alphabet keys. Here's what works.

he qc rw fx ped ver he z dg

The backspace and Enter keys also don't function; neither does the space bar on the right of the fold. The left does work.

I polished the reflector so it's spotless. Fresh, brand new battery, the latest driver, and have put the IR port right to the keyboard with the same results....

Any ideas?

I read on one forum to try going into the keyboard and check the screen rotation box, setting it for 90. But my screen doesn't have this box. I have:

Repeat Rate
Delay until repeat
Repeat Number
Close Software keyboard
Click Sound

I'd appreciate any help; I want this to work and I'm so close!

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