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01/26/04 06:06 AM
Toshiba e805 cases, who makes good ones?


Anyone know of a good Toshiba e805 case? I have a nice Rhinoskin for my Dell that I really like and it offers good protection. I have been trying to access the Saunders website to see if they make a Rhinoskin for the 805 but it doesn't appear that they make one for it yet.

Anyone know of something similar? I have a Belkin hardshell aluminum one for it that is a unversal fit and great to travel with but I would like something a little bit smaller for day to day use.


02/16/04 04:08 AM
Re: Toshiba e805 cases, who makes good ones?

I assume you are not using the extended battery so you have many options.

Brando makes two, Krusell, Piel Frama, Covertec, just to name a few. Innopocket says they will have a metal case out "in February". Smartercase has a metal case wrapped in leather that reportedly fits the extended battery. There's some others that escape me right now but that should get you going.

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