07/11/04 03:05 PM
HP kbd install on 2215

Hi all -

I had a mishap with my 2215 - resolved now - in the process of which I lost all the software that I added to the unit. I'm gradually reinstalling it, but cannot find the documentation that came with my HP folding keyboard. Can anyone tell me how to get it installed on my iPAQ? The keyboard, which I got from eBay, didn't come with a driver CD, and I can't find a driver for it at the HP site. So if someone still has their instructions, I'd appreciate a refresher. Thanks!

Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
07/17/04 07:56 PM
Re: HP kbd install on 2215

Ken, try this page and see if you can find the driver for your 2215:


07/17/04 08:05 PM
Re: HP kbd install on 2215

Thanks alot, Tong, I was finally able to locate the driver and am now in business. That is until I buy one of those new BT kbds!

Thanks again!

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