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07/14/04 08:56 PM
HTTP Server for Pocket PC on XScale


I would like to use the HTTP Server for Pocket PC driver in my current project except that I noticed a disturbing conflict:

1) The HTTP Server for Pocket PC is only supplied for StrongArm and x86 processors

2) All Pocket PC manufacturers either already have or are in the process of switching to the XScale processor.

My project is a multi-year government procurement with an initial volume of 150 units.

To wit: Do I commit to a StrongArm model (Eg. HP 1945) for the initial procuremnt and rely on Microsoft to port the driver to XScale or do I go and find another solution ?

Any news from Microsoft on this question would be extremely helpful. I must make my decision shortly.

The reason I am posting this here is that perhaps someone from HP can reply and tell me they will not discontinue the 19xx series with StrongArm ?

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