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07/20/04 01:31 PM
What's the best software for dialup on my IPAQ 2210 & Notebook Computer?

I recently purchased an IPAQ 2210 w/56K Compact Flash modem (I also have a WiFi card but there's not always a hotspot nearby, especially in some hotel rooms). I also have a notebook computer which I carry. What dialup ISP is most compatible with both of these? I know that MSN has their new MSN Mobile but that would be a separate subscription service, right? (everything would be sooo simple if there enough WiFi hotspots so dialup would not be necessary --- also BT only works if you've got a BT device nearby)

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07/22/04 05:47 PM
Re: What's the best software for dialup on my IPAQ 2210 & Notebook Computer?

Thanks for the advice. Earthlink is one I was considering, along with MSN and AOL. To clarify, are you accessing Earthlink with your PDA (Pocket PC) on the road, and if so, which model & what type of modem?


Hi, I have been using the ENR 56k modem before and was very happy with it. I used Earthlink.net since I have their DSL service at home. What you can do when you travel is to go to Earthlink.net web site and get the local number where you will be staying. You can use the same user info and password to log-on using the Earthlink local number. It's very convenient worked for me 100% of the time I used the modem.

Good luck to you!

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