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11/05/04 07:26 PM
PC Card Expansion Pack Plus doesn't work on IPAQ 5550

I was trying to help a friend install his GPS maps on a new IPAQ 5550. He has an expansion pack from HP which works fine on his 3900 series. The HD is a Toshiba MK5002MPL (HDD1232) 5.0GB 1.8-inch HDD. It's recognized on the 3900 PocketPC 2002, but when we put the 5550 in the sleeve, an error message pops up asking for ther driver for the "unknown PC Card in slot 1".
There are no drivers on Toshiba's site, nor on HP. In fact, the HP support page FAQs says:
"Be sure any third-party drivers are installed."
Does anyone know if and where this driver exists? If not, are there any 1.8-inch drives that are supported on the 5550?
EDIT: It turns out that nothing works on the expansion pack- anything inserted including GPS, camera, and Compact Flash card in the adaptor all result in the error message above.
Is it a know problem? Because on HP the expansion pack is quoted to support the 5550. I imagine it's a PocketPC 2003 issue.
If anyone has info, please post.

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11/07/04 12:54 PM
Re: PC Card Expansion Pack Plus doesn't work on IPAQ 5550

We spoke to HP and it turns out the Ipaq was defected. My friend got a new PDA and everything works fine.

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