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12/26/04 07:00 PM
Bluetooth Blues


I have just installed Tom Tom navigator and tried to connect to a bluetooth GPS mouse on my HP iPAQ 2210 to be informed

Bluetooth could not be correctly initilized.


The Bluetooth Radio failed to turn on due to insufficient driver memory. You must perform a normal reset before you can turn on the Bluetooth Radio.

I have tried numerous soft resets to no avail and have tried adjusting the memory settings again to no avail.
(free memory settings Storage 9.51MB Program 9.54MB)

Bluetooth did work before on this PPC and I did not set up a Bluetooth Radio, anybody got any ideas on how to resolve this problem.

(Head Honcho)
12/28/04 08:50 PM
Re: Bluetooth Blues

The memory is refering to is actually a small amount reserved for system functions like Bluetooth and loading other programs that need start at boot. So it's not an issue with having more space on the iPAQ. Generally a soft reset should clear up the problem, but if it doesn't, you might need to remove any recent programs that load at boot time because they may be starving the Bluetooth driver for memory.

Bluetooth, like all wireless communications technologies, uses a radio for communication, and that's why you're seeing the reference to "Bluetooth radio".

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01/12/05 03:01 PM
Re: Bluetooth Blues


Following up on Bluetooth Blues, I have the same problem. I've also tried the soft reset without success! I've made sure that there are no active programs in the running program list, made yet another soft reset and still not working. Are there any other solutions to this problem?

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