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01/11/05 12:05 AM
Thank you for rescuing my 5455!


2 weeks ago, my 5455 did the dreaded "Don't-feel-like-wakin'-up" flash. This was the morning after I ran the battery a little too close to dry, then (supposedly) charged it all night. This was about the 5th time this has happened in the last couple of years, so I'm not real happy to see that type of non-response. You'd think I would've manically bookmarked the links to fix this, but I guess I was just so relieved after each episode that I just hugged my 5455 in thanks!

After following many false trails, I made my way to PDA Buyer's Guide Forums (yippee!) where a post by our own LisaG from last August told me to:


Check your manual (probaby a PDF). If I remember correctly you have to hold down the power button while pressing the reset button and also press the calendar and contacts buttons too?

Alternatively just take the battery out, and leave it out for more than 30 minutes.

Despite the possible damage to my carpal tunnel, I pretzled my hands into this position, and, v?ila!, she works like new! Thank you just doesn't seem like a big enough phrase....

So, Thanks a ton!!!!

~ Sarah

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