(junior member)
01/31/05 11:56 AM
iPAQ 6315 reception LED

The first LED of the three to the left of the i/o button (the one with a little phone icon painted under it) flashes green constantly, about once every two seconds. According to the very end of the pdf manual, this indicates the phone has reception. It kind of reminds me of Homer's "everything's OK" alarm.

Any idea on how to disable this "feature" other than a piece of electrical tape?

Apologies if this has been addressed before; I did a forum search but probably not as exhaustive as possible.

(Head Honcho)
01/31/05 09:45 PM
Re: iPAQ 6315 reception LED

On phones with an LED there is no way to disable it. If you are a tech-saavy person you might want to check the registry to see if you can find an entry, but I have a feeling it's controlled by firmware rather than the OS, so there won't be a registry entry to control it.

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