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04/25/05 12:09 PM
HP 6315 Newbie Question

I bought my HP from T-Mobile about two weeks ago and love it. I downloaded fonix and am testing the voice dial. I have two question for anyone?
1. Can contacts in my add book have unique ring tones??
Sometimes I only want to answer calls from particular group of people.

2. Is there anyway to get the Fonix software to operate in a handsfree mode?
Or does MS VOice Command do that? I would like to know before buying fonix.

Great site lots of good info and reviews....

(Head Honcho)
05/01/05 01:26 AM
Re: HP 6315 Newbie Question

As far as I recall, the iPAQ doesn't offer distinctive ringtones.

MS Voice Command works using a wireless headset (most Pocket PC phones don't support this, but the iPAQ 6315 does). I haven't tried Fonix, so can't say whether it will work.

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