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09/17/05 07:15 AM
iPAQ 3715

Hey, well I am new to the world of PDA's and I am in the market for one as well. I am from Australia and I am looking for a PDA in my price range of $400-$650. I have good reviews about the iPAQ 3715, but I have also heard about the 6315. I want a PDA with a phone but the 6315 is to dear for me. So I am wondering if there is a way to get phone capabilities on the 3715, or is there a PDA with a a phone and is in my price range with the features of the 3715?

(PDA Addict)
09/22/05 07:19 PM
Re: iPAQ 3715

There isn't a way to get full phone functionality on the 3715 that offers the same level of ease of use and integratation as a real Pocket PC Phone. Enfora does make a CF card solution but that iPAQ doesn't have a CF slot and of course, you're adding to the overall price tag when buying the Enfora too.

I'm not all that familiar with the phone selection in AU, nor the carrier subsidies offered there. Perhaps a version of the JAM is available for less that the iPAQ 6315.

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