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10/24/05 10:29 AM
Wi-Fi Activesync on H2210??


I have an iPAQ h2210 and I usually sync on my cradle. But I was wondering, how do I sync over Wi-Fi? I just thought that Wi-Fi syncing would be useful if I could do it.
I'm using a Senao CF 802.11b card on my iPAQ and a Belkin 802.11G USB adapter on my desktop. I also have Activesync version 3.7.1.

Also, if I get this working, can I sync files and programs over to my iPAQ from my iPAQ? I can copy files over Wi-Fi, but what about programs?

Thanks in advance for any help,


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10/24/05 05:30 PM
Re: Wi-Fi Activesync on H2210??

I think it is possible in your situation, but just a side note: WiFi ActiveSync is not supported with AS 4.0, and 4.0 is required for Windows Mobile 5.

Unfortunately, I don't know the exact steps for enabling it on your computer, since I use The Missing Sync with my Mac, and just getting ActiveSync working over USB under Virtual PC was a nightmare.

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11/02/05 08:16 PM
Re: Wi-Fi Activesync on H2210??

Using ActiveSync versions before 4.0 as Neo noted, works fine for WiFi syncing. Make sure to enable Network syncing under ActiveSync options on the desktop and iPAQ.

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