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02/03/06 07:49 AM

I have had my Ipaq for quite a few years (I guess that's obvious from its model!) I have relied on it for very simple actions, kept my contacts, calendar, etc syncronised with my laptop. But now I'm getting enthusiastic to try more with it. I have downloaded Windows Media 8 and wmv files have audio, but no video. Can anyone help me with why this would be?

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02/04/06 05:13 AM
Re: HP1910

Probably because you don't have the right codec. The latest version of WMP is WMP 10, which not even my 1940 supports.

Try TCPMP. If that doesn't work, you're probably out of luck, except for transcoding the video on some other computing device.

P.S. I know you didn't ask about WiFi, but just so you don't waste any time, the 1910's SD slot did not support SDIO. Supposedly, HP once said that a firmware upgrade would add support for SDIO, but this never happened.

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02/05/06 02:58 AM
Re: HP1910

Thanks for that, Jacob. I do have TCPMP loaded and have a brief video put on by my PC technician some time ago, and it works fine. However, when I have downloaded a small video, I get sound only. I guess I will have to settle with what I've got with this older iPAQ. My recent birthday present was an MP3 player, so now I'm trying to get my head around that! Not so easy getting older......

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02/05/06 04:59 AM
Re: HP1910

hello, it seems that you do not have the right codec to play the videos. players like tcpmp and windows media are jack of all trade, which meant that they're meant to play a variety of different types of files. if you have the right codec (or instructions), you'd be able to see the videos. codecs change over time, and they get obsoleted and replaced with newer technologies. you need to get the latest bunch of codecs, and that should solve the issue.

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