(junior member)
02/13/06 05:58 PM
please,help me ...

i have some question:
1.what's the diffrent between iPAQ 4700 and iPAQ 4705?
2.can i install windows mobile 5.0 on iPAQ 4700?
3.what's diffrent between USB host and USB client?

(Moderator and writer)
02/13/06 08:17 PM
Re: please,help me ...

1. Nothing
2. Yes (eventually)
3. A USB host is a device that can take on peripherals, such as a computer. A USB client or "slave" is a peripheral, like a hard disk, PDA, camera, etc.

(PDA Addict)
02/14/06 03:44 AM
Re: please,help me ...

HP used to come out with two versions of the same PDA, because it used to be that one is for business and the other are for mainstream customers. Its basically the software that's loaded on them. Lately this difference has been diluted at best, and its hard to distinguish the two. One way to see it, is to go to HP's website, and go through the apps list.

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