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02/17/06 07:01 AM
Problem with my old 1940


I have recently moved to an rx1950 and would like to pass my 1940 to my wife. I did a hard reset on the 1940 and it seems to work just fine. My problem is that I cannot get Activesync (the new one for my 1950) to "see" the 1940 when plugged in to the USB port using a cradle. I did everything the FAQ at Microsoft suggested to no avail.

Any suggestions? My wife is really getting antsy about getting the 1940 in usable condition(i.e. it must sync with Outlook).



(Head Honcho)
02/28/06 07:05 AM
Re: Problem with my old 1940

If you don't need to sync to the same PC, install the older ActiveSync 3.8 on your wife's PC as you only need ActiveSync 4 for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PCs. If you are using the same PC, be sure to upgrade to the latest version of ActiveSync (version 4.1) it's a free download from Microsoft's www.pocketpc.com web site and fixes several bugs.

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