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03/22/06 02:26 PM
Another Question about an old 1940

I have an old HP ipaq that has been sitting in a drawer for years and I want to give it away. When I started using it I loaded all my information into in, used it, loved it, it was great. After a month long vacation I came home and plugged it in to charge it up, and everything I had saved on it was erased. The entire thing was wiped. It was as if I had just turned it on for the first time, all the dates were wrong, everything. Because it came with zero documentation and HP's website has nothing I could find , it has always been a mystery. Do I have a defective Ipaq? Does that happen to everyone? Must you keep the Ipaq in a charger at all times to prevent this? I have hardly used it and don't want to buy another one if it will loose everything if left dormant. Thanks

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03/22/06 04:02 PM
Re: Another Question about an old 1940

Since the 1940 has volatile RAM, it is normal for it to lose all data if the battery goes completely dead. Most people charge the battery at least once every few days (many people charge it every day) to keep this from happening. It is actually "unhealthy" to a lithium-ion battery to fully discharge it anyway.

Most newer PDAs have nonvolatile memory, which can be slower but is not subject to data loss due to power loss.

If you want to continue using the iPaq 1940, I suggest you charge and sync it semi-regularly, and consider buying a program that can backup the full contents of its memory to an SD card. I use Spb Backup with my 1940. SD cards are nonvolatile.

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