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04/28/06 12:10 AM
iPaq 1940 Gets MSN Music!


As you may already know, I use an iPaq 1940 with Mac OS X on a PowerBook G4 using The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile 2.0. Since protected WMAs are totally unsupported on Mac OS X, Mac users couldn't access MSN Music, Napster, and the like, even if we wanted to (not that we do!).

I had thought that the iPaq 1940, with Windows Mobile 2003 FE and Windows Media Player 9, was too old to use WMA DRM, even if I used it with Virtual PC.

Recently, I discovered that Pocket Player for PocketPC, by Conduits (yes, that's the company's name), purports to support protected WMA on any PocketPC that can run the program, even if it doesn't have the built-in hardware DRM support that newer PocketPCs apparently have. I decided to purchase a copy for my iPaq.

It works! I was able to purchase a track from MSN Music under Virtual PC and load it into WMP 10, although the MSN Music interface lacks much of the polish that iTunes has. WMP 10 runs far too slowly under Virtual PC to play music tracks (iTunes for Windows works fine, oddly enough), but I was able to sync the track to my PocketPC using ActiveSync 3.8, and it plays perfectly on my iPaq with no performance issues.

So my supervising editor has indicated that there might be others on this forum who would be interested in hearing a confirmation that MSN Music works with the iPaq 1940... so here it is!


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