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10/05/06 09:51 AM
HP 2490 + Battery life

I have a HP2490 unit wm5 and have a problem with the battery life. if i use the unit constantly, the battery life is satisfactory. should i work the batt to between 50 & 60% and switch the unit off, the battery runs down at a tremendous rate (sometimes as quikly as 4 hours in standby mode!. this does not happen constantly and cannot be replicated at will. Any body any advice??

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10/08/06 01:01 AM
Re: HP 2490 + Battery life

Unless there's a 3rd party program running in the background that keeps waking up the device, I'd say that the iPAQ has a bad battery. To be sure it isn't software-related you might want to back it up first, then hard reset it and see if the problem persists.

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03/23/08 07:31 PM
Re: HP 2490 + Battery life

I have the same problem! I seem to overcome this by turning off all running programs, and pausing a few seconds before turning the unit off. It seems to have a problem if I remove it from the cradle and power off right away. Try leaving it till the display dims at least before turing off. The problem is intermittent. Try turning off the WiFi before powering off.

Annoying isn't it, particulary as it will not recharge from a USB connection when the battery is dead. or even work at all on USB with a dead battery without the charger.

05/14/09 05:42 AM
Re: HP 2490 + Battery life

I'm a new user of a pre-owned HP 2490, and Battery life is Excellent. I love email, and have the WiFi on only with Send/Receive. As yet, I don't have any 3rd party Apps, and I intend to keep these to a minimum. Here's a Preference: I'm not a fan of surfing the Net with devices having 3.5 inch screens.

I still have the Palm T3, a good PDA, but battery life was poor from the getgo.

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