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12/06/06 07:53 AM
HWR for ipaq rx5910

I just purchased a hp ipaq 5910 and would like to use HWR for business trips. Am I correct in assuming there's a basic HWRv built in? If so is the ritepen program compatable with this unit and worthwhile enough to learn and use? How does the Calligraphy 8.0 match up against ritepen?Also how much memory does this program take? I've been trying to find some kind of comparison chart between the different HWR programs out there and no luck so far. Can anyonone direct me?

(Head Honcho)
12/07/06 01:27 AM
Re: HWR for ipaq rx5910

All Windows Mobile Pocket PCs come with handwriting recognition, including the iPAQ. Give those a try first before buying 3rd party add-on software. We have a review of Calligrapher on our site. RitePen is available for Windows PCs only, not PDAs.

(Moderator and writer)
12/07/06 07:34 AM
Re: HWR for ipaq rx5910

I think some of the Windows Mobile-based Palm smartphones don't have HWR... but you did say PocketPC, so your statement is correct.

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