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12/25/06 02:48 AM
HP iPAQ Getting Started disc for rx1955?

Hello Everyone,

I just purchased my first Pocket PC (the iPAQ rx1955) from ebay, and I received everything in the box except the "Getting Started Disc." I was hoping that someone would be willing to email it to me, or tell me where I could find it (I checked the HP site and they didn't have it there for download)... Any other ideas would be helpful too...

Thanks in Advance

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12/26/06 04:29 PM
Re: HP iPAQ Getting Started disc for rx1955?

On that disc you'll find ActiveSync which you can download for free from Microsoft's web site. There's also a PDF manual which you should be able to download from HP's web site. The last big piece of software is MS Outlook 2002. Hopefully you already have a copy of Outlook running on your PC since you can't download Outlook for free, it's a pay-for item. Alternatively you could call HP tech suppport and tell them you lost your CD and want to know if they'll sell you a new one.

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12/27/06 10:44 AM
Re: HP iPAQ Getting Started disc for rx1955?

Thanks, LisaG...

I wasn't sure what was on the cd, but that solved the problem...

Thanks Again

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