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02/10/07 12:43 PM
intending to buy an Ipaq (6515) think twice again!

I purchased an Ipaq 6915 in september. As soon as I learned that its screen is glass. I attached all the armours it has and kept using them all the time (i.e. tinted plastic faceplate and beltclip).However it fell off from a coffe table the other day(only 35cm height!) Its glass screen has a crack on the corner. Otherwise its functions work properly, only I am unable to calibrate its stylus. I took it to repair centre here in Istanbul. They consider it as an absolute "customer fault" and firm on that, so they faxed me a bill of 269USD plus VAT.
One third of its price! There is certainly no scratch or anything on the body, since it had been taken care of very well and only fell from 35cm. One wonders if HP has a policy of making money by changing higly fragile and expensive spare parts.

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02/11/07 01:36 AM
Re: intending to buy an Ipaq (6515) think twice again!

HP and pretty much all PDA/smartphone makes will not cover broken displays. Bummer, but it's true. Some carriers offer insurance policies for a monthly fee that will cover accidental drop damage, including the display.

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02/16/07 04:38 PM
problems with hang-up - OS

I am using 6915 with WM5, experienced a few times the machine hang up after ex. running HP Photosmart camera, with the error message stating an exception occurred -icm.exe(well known from XP) the other cases with the same result include changing a profile and running i-Go navi software. The busy icon appears and the 6915 stops responding, the only way to work this out is a soft reset. Can anyone give me an advice how could I solve this, is there any ROM update available on the net or do I need to do anything else? Thanks a lot.

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