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03/10/07 11:44 PM
Ipaq rx5910 GPS fix


I bought an rx5910 about 2 weeks ago and I have noticed it is EXTREMELY slow to acquire a GPS satellite fix. My other GPS units have no problem doing so. I went on the website and downloaded the GPS update, but that didnt help. It actually made it slower if anything. Is there something that I can do to make it connect faster?

(my location has nothing to do with the 5910's slowness, when it obtains a fix I get 10+ satellites)

Thanks in advance

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03/12/07 03:02 PM
Re: Ipaq rx5910 GPS fix

As we mentioned in our review, ours took longer than expected to get a fix (up to 1 minute and sometimes as long as 2 to 3 minutes for a cold start to 3D fix).

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06/22/07 10:57 PM
Re: Ipaq rx5910 GPS fix

I have the same problem as you except with rx5915. Down loaded patch doesn't help. 20 + minutes without a usable gps signal. I am considering an external antenna with a mmcx connector to match the rx5915 and mount it on the roof. Any suggestions?

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12/04/07 05:55 PM
Re: Ipaq rx5910 GPS fix

havent had iney trouble with mine 1 min to gps fix avredge liv in canada

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