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03/15/07 04:21 PM
difference in model numbers

I am new to the ipaq line, as I have been using a Sony Clie Palm for several years. I would like to get a WM device, so I am looking at HP ipaq's. I am slightly confused as to the model numbers/names.

For example, some retailers have a B on the end of the model, and some do not. Circuit city ha as HX2495B, while HP has only HX2495. Is there any difference? I have also seen some HX2490. Is this a predecessor to the 2495? Are there any major differences?

Any advice is appreciated.

(Head Honcho)
03/18/07 01:44 AM
Re: difference in model numbers

HP uses the 0 vs 5 to indicate if the device is sold via retail or corporate channels. Those that end in 0 are sold through corporate vendors and the ones that end in 5 are sold via consumer retail outlets. No difference in the device itself. I'm not sure about the B at the end but I would guess it's also some form of sales channel tracking.

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