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04/22/07 04:25 PM
Ipaq 1945 Continually Loses Bluetooth

I recently purchased OCN6 GPS system and I am experiencing problems with the bluetooth connection on my IPAQ 1945. I have no problems detecting the GPS receiver via bluetooth and communication with OnCourse is established...at least initially. However, periodically I lose bluetooth on the IPAQ altogether. Let me explain.

OCN starts and the bluetooth connection is established. Sometimes the audio voice announces "GPS connection lost" and I am unable to access bluetooth on the IPAQ. Bluetooth Manager is gone and the only way to get it back is by performing a soft reboot.

There have been times when the system operates without any problems for hours at a time, but lately the bluetooth loss seems to be happening with more frequency.

Has anyone else experienced this (it doesn't necessarily have to be through a GPS application) and does anyone have any ideas on how to correct the problem.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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04/28/07 03:41 AM
Re: Ipaq 1945 Continually Loses Bluetooth

Hmm... that model was indeed known for having problems with Bluetooth drivers, as well as other drivers, conflicting or overloading the system needlessly easily... although I don't have a specific answer, you might try cutting down on unnecessary other software you may have loaded onto the device (including Today screen plugins).

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