(junior member)
05/22/07 06:13 PM
IPAQ 2490 Keyboard problem

I need help. My keyboard is not working. First it was one key that didn't work...then two or three...and NOW one half of the keyboard does not work.

I am out of the keyboard is under warrenty...but when I called...they said it was my IPAQ that is causing the problems...not the keyboard>

Does this sound correct and logical??? My ipaq works in every other way...and I've tried re-set, etc.??????

(Head Honcho)
05/23/07 09:30 PM
Re: IPAQ 2490 Keyboard problem

It's really hard to say if it's the software driver on the iPAQ that needs to be uninstalled and re-installed or if the keyboard itself is defective/dying. Your best bet would be to uninstall and re-install the keyboard driver to see if that fixes the problem. If it doesn't, then the keyboard is at fault.

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