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10/20/09 11:21 AM
IPAQ 210, 212 & 214 differences?

Can someone clue me in on the differences between these PDA's? I know the 210 and 211 are reported as identical.

I recently paid on Ebay for a 210 and an Otterbox to suit. The vendor of the 210 was then unable to fulfil my order, but the Otterbox (hard case) is on its way. 210s seem hard to find on Australian Ebay. There are a few 212's and 214's around but its not clear what the differences are and whether the 212 and 214 have Pocket Word and Excel loaded. Are 212 & 214 later releases?

Any help would be most appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

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10/20/09 06:37 PM
Re: IPAQ 210, 212 & 214 differences?

The final digits merely indicate which country or region the device is meant to sell in- the 211 is the US, the 212 is Australia and parts of Asia and the 214 is Europe.

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10/20/09 08:29 PM
Re: IPAQ 210, 212 & 214 differences?

Thanks for that.:-)

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