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03/21/04 11:01 PM
IPAQ 3850 backlight problems

Hello, has anyone had problems with the backlight not coming on often with the 3800 series IPAQs? Mine will only come on when fully charged but after i use it a few minutes or when i turn it on, the backlight will not come on at all even when the screen is being touched. In the system configs of the IPAQ, the backlight is adjusted to be full brightness with normal battery and external battery (external not on it though). Let me know if there is anything i can do. thanks.

03/23/04 03:21 AM
Re: IPAQ 3850 backlight problems

According to my 4150, running on PC2003

under the settings-->Backlight--->choose "turn on backlight when abutton is pressed or screen is tapped".

If this is unticked, then when the backlight is off, it cannot be brought up unless I restart the system.

If that does not work....most probably it is the hardware....

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