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06/17/04 03:09 AM
who has best prices

need to know who offers best prices and quality. Just got my T3, want to get a slim aluminum case, like they have on proporta, a retractabel usb/charge sync, screen protectors. was wondering who has best prices, and are there any other accessories that I need? My main purpose will be basic pda stuff, perhaps mp3 listening too.

(PDA Addict)
06/23/04 01:21 AM
Re: who has best prices

That varies a bit. For mail order, and are usually pretty good. isn't bad sometimes. If you do your homework on pricing and know exactly what you want and what you want to pay for it, then eBay is a good choice. Some of the reviews here at PDABuyersGuide, like my case reviews, have links to good merchants.

Sounds like you have your bases covered on the essential accessories. The only thing that you didn't mention was an SD card. Get the fastest, largest card you can afford. Again, check out the reviews here.

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11/29/07 06:20 AM
who has best prices

looking for cool gadgets to get for Xmas.. Mainly USB things.. Nothing special, something easy to bring around with my laptop and usefull that I haven't thought of getting or just didn't know about them.. Thanks for the help

01/16/08 04:55 PM
Re: who has best prices

I would just look around to find the best prices.

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